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This is a serious post. I apologize. I’ll return to my normal, snarky self after these messages.Despite popular belief, I’m not particularly political or traditional or even religious. I care way more about the articles on Deadline than I do about the ones on CNN.  For the past few years, I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with America’s government, America’s religious majority, but most of all, my own complete lack of contribution to better this planet. That escalated quickly….

And I’m a very blessed guy. I have a job I love. I get to work on creative projects. I am surrounded by amazing people. This year, I want to fund a well. I want to fund a well using a charity known as Generosity Water, which SourceFed pushed during Project for Awesome. Generosity Water builds wells across the world in places with little to no access to clean water. People need water, because it’s delicious and necessary for, y’know, life. The people who benefit from these wells typically live on less than $1 a day, and the ironic tragedy of their situation is that clean, usable water exists beneath the ground. However, due to their extreme conditions, they are unable to access it. This leads to children spending their days traveling miles to get dirty water, instead of going to school, and it leads to sexual assault, disease, and spinal problems. So there’s a bucket of horrible. Approximately 9,800 deaths occur daily as a result of an absent/unsafe water supply.

$10 – For $10, you give clean water to one person for life.
$50 – For $50, you give clean water to one family for life.
$4,000 – For $4,000, you give clean water to one community for life.

If you can only give a dollar, please do. I’ll be pushing for this periodically throughout the year.
If  you’re under 18 and your parents have concerns about giving, they can either visit, or they can message me directly on here and I’ll do my best to respond. They can also email the charity directly. I’ll be donating first to kick this thing into gear, and I think it’s perfectly reasonable to think that we can, in the words of Hank and John Green, reduce the suck a little.

TL;DR – I can’t continue to complain about the world without at least doing something – ANYTHING – to change it. Obviously, no matter who you are, we could all do more.